Nathanael J. Pilla



Nathanael is well versed in the flora of the Chicago region bringing his knowledge and charisma with him in and outside the workplace.  He has experience in botanical research and identification, hands-on resource management, project management and plant identification.  

Nathanael has lead plant workshops, hikes, and frequently presents to the public in a variety of settings.  His research has led to the first series of publications on inventorying the macro-fungi of Indiana as well as on the conservation status of pondweeds (Potamogeton).  Nathanael is experienced in conducting vegetation surveys, developing ecological management plans, and creating floristic inventories.  He is also skilled in monitoring rare, threatened and endangered plant species.  

He has years of habitat management experience that include applied techniques in invasive species control and re-vegetation, prescribed fire application, vegetation surveys, greenhouse and nursery management, plant installation, seed mix design and rare plant monitoring. He has trained and led restoration crews, interns and volunteers in wetland restoration practices, and actively engages in environmental outreach and stewardship.