Get our field tested handbook to know the wetland indicator status for every plant in the National Wetland Plant List 

(Midwest AND Northcentral/Northeast Regions)

The U.S. Army Corps lists over 3,100 plants in the National Wetland Plant List for the Midwest and NC/NE Regions.

Even the most experienced delineators need to use reference materials. It’s simply impossible to know the indicator status of all the listed species. Not to mention all the plants with synonyms.

Having the right information can be the difference between getting it right or wrong.

Our delineators have years of experience delineating hundreds of wetlands working in the Midwest and NC/NE regions and we use this handbook for each delineation we do.

And we’re making it available to you...

Here's a sample of what's included:

  • This package includes all species included in the National Wetland Plant list for both regions - over 3,100 species. 
  • One list organized by scientific name and one list  organized by common name.
  • This also includes over 2,000 commonly used synonyms – both common and scientific names

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