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These botany articles originally appeared in The Plant Press, the regular publication of the Indiana Native Plant and Wildflower Society – North Chapter

Inflorescence Types Part II – March 2016, Scott Namestnik

Inflorescence Types Part I – December 2015, Scott Namestnik

Corolla Diversity, Part IV – May 2015, Scott Namestnik

Corolla Diversity, Part III – April 2015, Scott Namestnik

Corolla Diversity, Part II – March 2015, Scott Namestnik

Corolla Diversity, Part I – November/December 2014, Scott Namestnik

Trillium Morphology – April 2014, Scott Namestnik

Legume Flower Morphology and Terminology March 2014, Scott Namestnik

Milkweed Flower Morphology and Terminology – February 2014,  Scott Namestnik

Monoecious vs. DioeciousJanuary 2014, Scott Namestnik

Fruit Salad Part IV – May 2013, Scott Namestnik

Fruit Salad Part III – April 2013, Scott Namestnik

Fruit Salad Part II – March 2013, Scott Namestnik

Fruit Salad Part I – February 2013, Scott Namestnik

Tree and Shrub Leaf Arrangement – January 2013, Scott Namestnik

Leaf Morphology – December 2012, Scott Namestnik

Pappus November 2012, Scott Namestnik

Flower Symmetry – October 2012, Scott Namestnik

Composite Flowers – September 2012, Scott Namestnik

Carex Flower Terminology –  July 2012, Scott Namestnik

Scholarly Articles

Plant Records

Two Recent Plant Discoveries in Missouri, Scott Namestnik, Justin R. Thomas, Bradford S. Slaughter

New Records for Utricularia resupinata in IndianaScott Namestnik, Robin W. Scribailo, Mitchell S. Alix

Noteworthy Collections, Indiana, Scott Namestnik

Noteworthy Collections, Mimulus alatus, Scott Namestnik

The Discovery of Rhexia mariana L. var. mariana (Melastomataceae) in Northwest Indiana Scott Namestnik

      Floristic Studies

The Vascular Flora of Sebert Property, Laporte County, IndianaScott Namestnik, Keith Board

Results of the LobLolly Marsh Wetland Preserve BioBlitz, Jay County, Indiana, Scott Namestnik, Donald G. Ruch, Daryl R. Karns, Paul McMurray, Jean Moore-Palm, William Murphy, and Kirk Roth

Results of a Biodiversity Survey at Goose Pond Fish and Wildlife Area, Greene County, Indiana,  Scott Namestnik, et al.


Vegetation Monitoring

The Critical Importance of Vegetation Surveys, Scott Namestnik

The Use of Floristic Quality Assessment as a Tool for Monitoring Wetland Mitigations in Michigan, Scott Namestnik, Leslie Smit DeBoer, Paul E. Rothrock, Robert T. Reber

Television Appearances

Scott Namestnik on WNIT’s Outdoor Elements



Listen to Scott Namestnik’s interview on NIPR for his work on the Spring Lake Woods and Bog Preserve in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Scott Namestnik’s Talk on the Lydick Bog at Indiana University South Bend

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