J Ryan Duddleson

J Ryan Duddleson, M.A., RPA Senior Archaeologist at Orbis Environmental Consulting

J Ryan Duddleson,
Senior Archaeologist at Orbis Environmental Consulting

Senior Archaeologist


J. Ryan Duddleson has 18 years’ experience helping clients assess and minimize the risk of impacting places with cultural value. Ryan works with public sector clients including federal, state and municipal government, as well as private firms in energy, transportation, industrial, and development sectors. He also coordinates with agencies and consulting parties involved with the National Environmental Policy Act, Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act, and other related cultural resource laws and regulations. He performs archival research, analysis and excavation.

Ryan also has experience in artifact and archival curation. He has applied innovative techniques to traditional artifact analysis, such as examining organic residues from prehistoric pottery to determine prior contents. Ryan also has experience with human remains in archaeological settings.

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