Articles and Position Papers authored or coauthored by the experts here at Orbis Environmental Consulting.


Habitat use by bats in two Indiana forests prior to silvicultural treatments for oak regeneration, Jeremy J. Sheets, Joseph E. Duchamp, Megan K. Caylor, Laura D’Acunto, John O. Whitaker, Jr., Virgil Brack, Jr., and Dale W. Sparks

Bats of the hardwood ecosystem experiment before timber harvest: assessment and prognosisJeremy J. Sheets, John O. Whitaker, Jr., Virgil Brack, Jr., and Dale W. Sparks

Questions and Answers Concerning Developers and Northern Long-Eared Bat, Jeremy J. Sheets

Botany and Plant Ecology

Daily Dose of Botany Articles,* Scott Namestnik

Two Recent Plant Discoveries in Missouri, Scott Namestnik, Justin R. Thomas, Bradford S. Slaughter

New Records for Utricularia resupinata in IndianaScott Namestnik, Robin W. Scribailo, Mitchell S. Alix

Noteworthy Collections, Indiana, Scott Namestnik

Noteworthy Collections, Mimulus alatus, Scott Namestnik

The Discovery of Rhexia mariana L. var. mariana (Melastomataceae) in Northwest Indiana, Scott Namestnik

Client Relationships

Toward a Healthy Consultant-Client Relationship, J. Ryan Duddleson, M.A., RPA

Cultural Resources 

The Disconnect Between College and the Real World of Archaeology, AlyciaGiedd, M.A.

How Proactive Planning for Cultural Resources Can Help Manage the Risks of Project Delay (or Worse…), J. Ryan Duddleson, M.A., RPA

How Places Important to Our Past Can Contribute to Our Future – the Economics of PreservationJ. Ryan Duddleson M.A., RPA

Integrated Management of Cultural and Natural Resources, J. Ryan Duddleson, M.A., RPA

Ten Sources for Background Research – why you shouldn’t look for archaeological sites on your desktop, J. Ryan Duddleson, M.A., RPA

The Role of Trees in Historic NeighborhoodsJ. Ryan Duddleson, M.A., RPA

Floristic Studies

The Vascular Flora of Sebert Property, Laporte County, IndianaScott Namestnik, Keith Board

 Results of the LobLolly Marsh Wetland Preserve BioBlitz, Jay County, Indiana, Scott Namestnik, Donald G. Ruch, Daryl R. Karns, Paul McMurray, Jean Moore-Palm, William Murphy, and Kirk Roth

Vegetation Monitoring

The Critical Importance of Vegetation Surveys, Scott Namestnik

The Use of Floristic Quality Assessment as a Tool for Monitoring Wetland Mitigations in Michigan, Scott Namestnik, Leslie Smit DeBoer, Paul E. Rothrock, Robert T. Reber

Wildlife Biology

Urban IchthyologyJeremy J. Sheets, Christopher M. Ritzi, Brianne L. Everson, B. Jagger Foster, Dale W. Sparks

*Originally appeared in The Plant Press, the regular publication of the Indiana Native Plant and Wildflower Society – North Chapter