Jeremy Sheet’s Publications

This is a list of  articles and media appearances from Jeremy Sheets, Senior Wildlife Biologist at Orbis Environmental Consulting


Habitat use by bats in two Indiana forests prior to silvicultural treatments for oak regeneration, Jeremy J. Sheets, Joseph E. Duchamp, Megan K. Caylor, Laura D’Acunto, John O. Whitaker, Jr., Virgil Brack, Jr., and Dale W. Sparks

Bats of the hardwood ecosystem experiment before timber harvest: assessment and prognosisJeremy J. Sheets, John O. Whitaker, Jr., Virgil Brack, Jr., and Dale W. Sparks

Questions and Answers Concerning Developers and Northern Long-Eared Bat, Jeremy J. Sheets

Wildlife Biology

Urban IchthyologyJeremy J. Sheets, Christopher M. Ritzi, Brianne L. Everson, B. Jagger Foster, Dale W. Sparks

Television Appearances

Jeremy Sheets on WNIT’s Outdoor Elements.